NEW Premium AB Sling Blaster Suspension Hanging Strap Abdominal Reverse Pull Up

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Physical strength starts in the core, suspension training develops physical strength while using functional movements and dynamic positions. AQF hanging Abdominal Slings will enable you to isolate abs for total abdominal training. The Abdominal Slings are made up of heavy duty nylon material, has padded elbow sleeve pockets along with heavy duty D-ring for quick attachment and release. These Abdominal Slings will fit most bars/machines and can also be attached to standard chin up bars. Hanging Ab Straps provides greater abdominal and oblique isolation when performing hanging knee and leg raises. Working against gravity using own body resistance is extremely effective and has numerous training benefits.

    • Extra wide, padded straps minimize stress to the arms.
    • Heavy duty steel clips give added safety and security while attaching to bars.
    • One size fits all and sold as a pair
    • Quick and easy Installation
    • Long-lasting triple-stitch construction

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